Workshop Details

At EYFS, KS1 and KS2 level, Maypole dance workshops are an excellent introduction to British values and dance history, combined with physical recreation, teamwork and a lot of fun creating patterns and shapes with brightly-coloured ribbons!

Maypole can be a fun style of dance for KS3+ too! We’ll go for high-speed, high energy versions of some easier dances, and see how complicated we can make things. There can be some crossover with other dance styles too.

Teacher Training

Alison can also provide CPD sessions for teachers. She will teach a range of dances and suggest suitable music and appropriate warmups. She will demonstrate how maypole dancing can be linked to the rest of the curriculum, catering to different abilities and achieving high standards.


Age group: EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3+, teacher training, public events

Length: 30-60 minutes per class; one-off whole day workshops, or a series of workshops (half days only offered within 20 miles of Bristol)

Skills and knowledge developed: creativity, teamwork, problem-solving, history, PE, musicality, maths and geometry

Event type: suitable for school celebrations, British Values curriculum days, PE lessons, after school clubs, and community events

Provided: maypole with 24 ribbons (unless the school has its own), experienced tutor, exciting recorded music and portable speaker

Venue requirements: a large hall with a high ceiling, a dry playground or a dry and relatively flat area of grass (7 metres diameter)